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Business is a sport.  Play to win.

Want a FREE, simple one-page game plan

that is used to grow multi-million dollar businesses?

We solve the key frustrations of business owners and management teams.

Clint Donaldson


Clint Donaldson, Business Coach

As a seasoned executive, I have helped build companies from start-up to generating hundreds of millions in revenue and dominating their industry. I have built and implemented processes for financial management, merchandising, digital marketing, human resources, customer experience, digital media, and fulfillment systems from the ground up to support triple digit revenue growth while adding millions to the bottom line.

I pride myself in being a life-long student of business and people who constantly seek out new business strategies and methodologies.  I have a passion for creating processes that produce a predictable result every time, on time.  


Why "Five Tool Coach?"  I love baseball.  I love business.  I'm not sure which I love more.  I believe your business should feed your passions and interests.  So here I am.  Just as in baseball, I have found that five key tools are the recipe for business success.  The unrelenting focus on maximizing these tools have lead me to finding my core purpose of helping others realize their potential and create winning teams and organizations.

Growing a business is based on purpose and intention.  With years of success in making ordinary businesses achieve extraordinary results, Five Tool Coach is a business coaching and consulting partner who believes any business, big or small, can achieve profound results maximizing FIVE TOOLS:


  • Increasing the number of Customers

  • Increasing the number of Transactions

  • Increasing your Average Transaction Value

  • Increasing your Profitability

  • Increasing your Knowledge

Work with us , and you'll learn:

How to increase your profits, not just inflate your revenue numbers.

How to set up systems to manage your business so you have time to do what you want to do.

How to properly manage your cash so you can sleep at night.

How to build your business intentionally so it gives you life, not suck the life out of you.

How to properly plan and execute so your entire team is on the same page, not working in silos.

How to implement processes to help sell your business.


Over the phone or online



If you want to get your time back and 10x your business contact us here:

Austin, TX & Kansas City, MO

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