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How to Communicate Goals and Objectives

The Third Base Coach

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The Third Base Coach is almost never mentioned when you see an interview about a team's success or failure.  However, this role is just as important and equal contributor to the players on the field.


What most people don’t realize is the complexity of the Third Base Coach role.  Most people see a guy just standing there giving some hand signals and cheering his players on.  Although true, his position is much more than what appears to the eye. Take a look at the responsibilities and skills below and you’ll understand why this role is so important.

Visionary - The ability to conceptualize cause and effect of actions is a very rare skill.  The great third base coach has the ability to assess the situation and quickly act on short and long term strategies.  He is able to decide how he is going to accomplish his objectives in the most efficient manner for his team at that point in time.  Every pitch changes the situation. The third base coach doesn’t make decisions based on the situation as they happen; he has already thought about what he would do if the situation comes up and then acts.  He must be always be one or two steps ahead of everyone in the decision process.


Communicator - Once the coach has determined an action, he then must communicate those actions to his players.  More importantly, he must communicate those action CLEARLY. The coach needs to give clear direction and not send “mixed” signals to their players.  Mixed signals cause the players to act differently from the game plan. All this does is cause confusion, create frustration, and lead to negative results.  However, the coach also has to communicate with the team's Manager. He must provide a clear assessment of his players performance and their relationship to the teams dynamic.  The team manager relies on the coach to update him on the progress players are making and helping him align his players strength to create the best team possible.


Cheerleader - Human beings love recognition.  They thrive on recognition. The best coaches know how to calm their players down and get them to think clearly in every situation while providing positive feedback.  


My challenge to you is start thinking of yourself as the Third Base Coach in your business.  You team and your company will benefit greatly because of it.

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