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Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

Always Use Two Hands

From as far back as I can remember, I was always coached to use two hands.  But at some point in time, players seem to stop caring about fundamentals and become lazy or over confident.  It seems every time I watch a professional ball player drop a routine fly ball, the camera shows them immediately after staring at their glove.  Why?  It wasn’t the gloves fault.  It was their own fault for not practicing the fundamentals.

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“Only the Paranoid Survive” is a great book by Andrew S. Grove.  One of my mentors introduced this book and distilled this thinking in me some years back.  This mentor knew everything about his business.  When I say “everything,” I mean he not only knew his financial indicators by the hour, he knew how much time he was wasting by having to walk to meetings across the building, use the restroom, or grab lunch from the cafeteria.  He monitored and tracked every indicator he could if he had the chance to improve efficiency, throughput, and overall growth.


Needless to say, very few surprises arise when you monitor your business this closely.  Some think it may be ridiculous to have this much attention to detail.  However, if set up correctly, you too can monitor and manage your business in very little time.  Business owners should spend the majority of their time working on the business so they can achieve their core purpose; they can only do this if they can assess the health of the business in relatively little time.


Creating a cadence of review and analysis keeps your business fundamentals in top shape and keeps you on the right path.  There are invaluable benefits to creating a KPI review process.  It reduces surprises, it reduces errors.  Don’t become lazy.  Don’t ever be over confident.  Know your numbers.  Use two hands… always.

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