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Think back to when you started your business.  What was it that was driving you to take that risky leap?  Many will think right away, “to make more money.”  I would challenge that answer.   The real answer for all of us is how our life will be different if we worked for our self.  It's about creating experiences.  By running your own business you are trying to achieve a life that enables you to experience all the things that are important to you.  This is where your passion lies.  

Purpose Driven Business

For Love of the Game

What do you strongly believe in or want to experience?  What is the feeling you get when you think about achieving these things?  These are the the questions to ask yourself when defining your purpose.  Your inner purpose is the single reason for starting, running, and growing your business.  Without a purpose you do not have a destination to plan around.


I am a strong believer in the thought of your company must be built to so it can build your life.  Do you want to spend more time with family?  Do you want to give back more at church?  Do you want to teach others?  Whatever it is, you need to work your plans backward to define the path to get there.


Think about this.  Why are there so many people who join a health club and a few months later they quit going and eventually cancel their membership?  They lost the passion about getting healthier simply because they forgot why they started in the first place.  We as business owners need to keep our purpose front of mind so we remind ourselves of why we go through the ups and downs of each day.  Your purpose is what gets you up in the morning.  It is not your business or the hundred tactical projects you need to accomplish that day.


If I were to ask you, “is your company successful?’ what would be the answer?  It shouldn’t be around a revenue number or a number clients.  It should be directly correlated to the the life you want and intend to have.

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